213th 2yc3 conference - San Diego City College, San Diego, CA
March 11-12, 2016
In the News
Core Praxis Model for a Learning Culture Rafael D. Alvarez
A Collaborative Approach to Incorporating Undergraduate Research and MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Into a Two-Year College Andrew Aspaas
Textbooks in transition: It's all about options Mark Bishop
Chemical Weapons and Introductory Chemistry Mark Bishop
The Important Role Community Colleges Serve to Promote Diversity in the STEM Professional Workforce David R. Brown
Tips and Tools for Teaching Online or Hybrid Chemistry Kathy Carrigan
The benefits of undergraduate research as a teaching tool from students' perspectives Vicki Flaris
Lessons from Cognitive Science and Your Introductory Chemistry Classroom Laura Frost
Periscoping Your Way Through General Chemistry and a Few Other Things Ashton T. Griffin
Undergraduate Research at a Community College David Hecht
Reflective Journals Olga Katkova
Get a Jump Start Using the ACS Assessment Tool for Chemistry in Two-Year College Programs Olga Katkova
Chemistry on the Small Screen Robert Killin
Context or Content? Both! Cathy Middlecamp
Addressing Student Misconceptions with Molecular-Level Visualization and Simulation Jurgen Schnitker
A New California Chemistry Diagnostic Test Ram Subramaniam
Using case studies from current events to engage General Chemistry students with their environment Tracy J. Terry